Cloud Server Hosting

Managed dedicated servers providing the Highest Level of Performance and Security

Cloud Server Hosting

Leverage The Cloud

Fully managed servers where you can increase CPU/RAM to handle increase in traffic on your website without any Downtime


Serve Your Website Faster

Powered by advanced Varnish/advanced caching to handle more traffic at faster speeds


Trusted CPanel Management

First-in-industry access to leading cPanel on top of Cloud Hosting services

Host Your Server In The Cloud

Take your server to the cloud and eliminate hardware and utility expenses.

The cloud is everywhere. Many businesses are unaware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer in the form of server and infrastructure hosting. Many small and mid-sized businesses can see benefits from adopting Bevlin’s hosted solutions into their company computing interface.

At Bevlin, we deliver efficiency. Some of the benefits that hosting your server and other critical computing apparati in our reliable and expertly-managed data center include:

host your server In the cloud

Included With Your Dedicated Servers?


Standard DDoS Protection

We include free, basic protection with every server — volumetric attacks from 250 Mbps to 2 Gbps in size are automatically mitigated.

cPanel/WHM & Plesk Onyx Available

Administer your hosting setup and easily manage your content and administration level maintenance with your control panel of choice.

ServerSecure Advanced Security

ServerSecure takes the guesswork out of optimizing security settings and is offered both for fully-managed Windows and Linux servers.

Dedicated IP Address

IPv4 addresses enable server communication and resource access, essential for server management and security. Understanding their importance when working with dedicated servers is crucial.


CloudFlare CDN

CloudFlare caches and optimizes content on their network to reduce file sizes and make the pages on your site load even faster.

Root Access

Take full control of your server with our Dedicated Server service. Customize, install software, optimize performance and manage your website or application with ease!


Backup Drive

Our powerful Dedicated Servers require a powerful backup solution. Included for free with all hosting plans is a local backup drive.

IPMI Access

Securely control your server from anywhere with Liquid Web’s VPN and IPMI. Boost productivity and save on travel costs. Test out IPMI and Liquid Web VPN now.


Business-grade SSD Storage

Fast, reliable storage for your mission-critical data and apps.

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