Digital Marketing for Doctors – A Complete Guide

Many doctors don’t know how to do digital marketing. If you are also one of them then don’t worry, we have created this complete guide on digital marketing for doctors. We have shared the best digital marketing strategies for doctors. You can use these strategies to grow your medical practice.

Doctors are the most influential yet noble professionals all around the world. A doctor goes through intense study and training to procure his medical degree to help people stay healthy and fit. Every doctor specializes in some specific branch of medical study and takes an oath to help as many people as they can in their convocation ceremony. 

What Doctors are not taught is to market themselves.

Most medical practitioners are uncomfortable or oblivious towards digital marketing strategies and branding concepts. Most doctors/physicians believe in old-school concepts and are reluctant towards online and offline marketing strategies. 

But it is time now to change the old way of thinking and adapt to the new way of working. 

“More than 77 patients have first searched google before visiting a doctor.”

Online activity has increased rapidly in the last few years among all age groups. Apart from sending or checking emails and watching videos, rummaging about health-related queries is the third most popular activity worldwide.

So, to serve the oath and provide medical services to as many patients, it is important to have a solid digital presence now. Doctors need robust digital marketing strategies to outreach patients who need medical services for their ailments.

Quibus Technosys is the best digital marketing company in Jaipur that have experience working with more than a dozen clients in the health and care industry. While working for more than 8 years of experience, we have gained expertise in building a strong digital presence for doctors, hospitals, clinics, health centers.  

Our esteemed clients are well recognized locally and are ranking on every search engine and social media. 

What has helped us to achieve such results is our strategies on digital marketing for doctors. 

We want to share some of our digital marketing tips that are lucrative, easy to implement, and effective. By following these 2023 tips on digital marketing for doctors, they can easily create brand awareness, increase traffic, improve patient engagement, and open another door of opportunity.

11 Strategies to Do Digital Marketing for Doctors

It’s time for doctors to start building digital infrastructure on different platforms. The first strategy of digital marketing for doctors is to create digital building blocks like a website, Instagram profile page, Facebook page, email id, local directories listing, quora presence, and listing on Practo, Lybrate, and other medical aggregators.  

1) Website that creates authenticity

76% of patients use hospital websites for research

Designing a website is a one-time investment but gives long-term results.

A doctor should assume their website as their virtual clinic to interact with their patients. A patient visiting a website should explicitly understand the treatment provided. 

Quibus Technosys, the best website designing company in Jaipur, focuses on creating a website that can build trust among visitors. To create authenticity, we provide all the necessary information regarding ailments and treatment that are verified by the doctors. 

2) Email ID that Becomes Letterpal

Email marketing is sending personalized emails to your patients. Create an email id that clearly states your name and use it to share reports, prescriptions to your patients. This will save patients the hustle of maintaining and carrying the medical files on the next visit. The doctor’s Email id in the patient’s inbox also ensures them that their doctor is always in their reach. 

3) Create Brand Awareness with Social media Profile

According to a survey, internet users spend more than 2 hours daily on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Creating a social media profile will help your potential patient get acquaintances with your brand name. A doctor’s social media posts should be relevant to their treatments, upcoming events at the clinic, achievements, and patient reviews. A well-structured social media post of relevant and appropriate content will increase brand awareness, increase engagement, and serve important information to the needy one. 

4) Get listed in local directories and google directory

Doctors primarily serve in their localities; hence they must tap all the regional locations and nearby locations. Just dial, yellow pages are known directories that do online listings too. It is important to add correct phone numbers and addresses with map locations on these local directories to outreach patients looking for you. 

At the same time, google listing is also important for patients who search with generic queries like best sexologist in Jaipur, the best psychologist in Delhi, best heart surgeon in Mumbai, IVFcenter with a high success rate.

5)  Partner with Aggregators for technical aid

If you are still skeptical about having your website, then register with practo, lybrate, docon, and other medical aggregators. These applications will help you get patients and will help you to fix an appointment. There is a fee that is charged for the service from these online aggregators.  

6) Create and upload videos from doctors.

Spreading awareness about the ailments, explaining the causes and symptoms, and helping the people know about available treatments that might be innovative and new will help build trust across digital platforms. Some doctors even share videos of the procedure of the treatment to have transparency between their patients. 

7) Search Engine Optimised Website : 

Your website needs to be ranked on the 1st page to reroute the potential patients towards you. As your hospital, clinic, or personal practice is always under the threat of competition, the same goes with your virtual clinic. You need to stay on number one of google search or youtube videos on lead generation generic queries. 

All the search engines (like google Reddit, bing) social media handles (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) work on a regular pattern called algorithms. One needs the expertise to understand the algorithm and work in that pattern to help the website rank. Search engine optimization(SEO) is a skill that is required to understand the pattern.

8) Appropriate and Engaging Content Writing

To create a social media profile, engaging website, or any listing profile, we need regular engaging, error-free, completely unique, and resourceful content. The images or infographic added must be well designed and authenticated. It is important to post or publish consistently to create authenticity for patients and search engines. Informational blogs on your website talking about a particular disease or how one can prevent it,  can engage readers who can later be the leads. One needs writing skills to create content for websites, blogs, and social media.  

9) Pay a nominal amount to run Google ads and social media ads.

You should run google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads to promote your profile. The ROI is best for this digital marketing tool. By paying a nominal cost, you outreach a large segment of internet users in just a click. Make the best possible use of this opportunity and target a large segment of internet users. You should be aware of choosing the right target audience to get only genuine and specific patients only who are looking for your services. 

10) Be interactive with your website visitors

When enabled with a website, many bots and apps can create a different experience for users. Instant messaging bots like let’s talk and speak to our experts are automated framed BOT that can answer common queries. The website design should be such that it prompts the user to share their problems and talk to doctors instantly. Any new treatment that has been introduced should be mentioned properly with side effects and any regulatory approvals associated with it.

11) Regularly maintain your digital presence

Digital properties are like virtual assets. It is imperative to have regular updates and changes in websites. You need to constantly brush up your digital properties with adequate and relevant content. The obsolete information should be updated, as well new technology should be added. 

2023 tips on digital marketing for Doctors,

  • Making your website mobile-friendly is a must.
  • Providing authentic citation with content is also much required in websites related to the medical industry

Hire Us to Do Digital Marketing for Doctors

If you are not able to cater to 24 million internet users, you are missing a huge opportunity. 

Digital marketing is much needed for doctors, hospitals, clinics, surgeons in 2023. Before establishing digital building blocks, doctors should understand key factors that contribute to a patient’s choice of doctors or hospitals. It is the right time to outsource a company of digital marketing services for doctors to promote you on search engines, social media, local directories, health forums, and blogs. When you hire Quibus Technosys as your digital marketing agency, you can rest assured that

  • Your SEO-optimized website will achieve higher rankings on search engines.
  • You will be able to surpass neighborhood competition with local SEO.
  • Increase website reaches through paid search ads.
  • Engagement with patients through social channels will support long-lasting patient referrals.
  • You will only get reliable and cost-effective results.
  • There will be a substantial increase in the number of patients booking an appointment with the doctor.


These digital marketing strategies shared with you will surely help to 

  • Improve the marketing effectiveness
  • Aggregate patient referrals
  • Fight back the competition
  • Grow in revenues and become more reputed and profitable

Today digital marketing for the healthcare industry is no longer a question. Apparently, those looking for perfect strategies of digital marketing for doctors can make their digital presence strong. Still, the self-implementation of digital marketing strategies for doctors, clinics, or hospitals will need time and the required skill set. It is better to hire the best SEO company and the best web designing company to take care of your virtual clinic.

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